constant-functions null

The keyword Null is used in the GeoDMS to indicate missing data.

The constant: null_suffix can be used in expressions, it is important to use the version with the correct value-type, see the following table:

Value type Name
uint8 null_b
uint16 null_w
uint32 null_u
uint64 null_u64
int8 null_c
int16 null_s
int32 null_i
int64 null_i64
float32 null_f
float64 null_d
spoint null_sp
wpoint null_wp
ipoint null_ip
upoint null_up
fpoint null_fp
dpoint null_dp


  • null_suffix


null_suffix results in the null data value for the value-type defined by the suffix.

applies to

data-item with the value type defined by the suffix.


version 14.3.0


parameter<float32> param_null_f := null_f;

result: param_null_f = null