Data source

A typical workflow for a GeoDMS project is to

  • read-data from a (set of) data source(s) (files/databases)
  • calculate results in memory, using arrays
  • view results and or write-data to files/databases.

To read data from and to write data to files/databases, so-called StorageManagers are used.

We advise to configure source data items in a source data container, these data items can be referred to from any other location in the configuration.

Data can also be explicitly exported with the geodms-gui with the File > Export Primary Data menu options.

To learn how to configure this, look [[here,-Loading-different-data-sources]]

vector, grid and non spatial data

For spatial data a distinction is made in:

In gdal this same distinction is used, gdal.vect or gdalwrite.vect is used for vector data, gdal.grid or gdalwrite.grid for grid data.

Non spatial data can be also partly be read from or written to with gdal.vect or gdalwrite.vect but also by some other StorageManagers.