arithmetic-functions divide (/)


  • div(a, b)
  • a / b


div(a, b) or a / b results in the element-by-element division of the values of data-item a by the corresponding values of data item b. The resulting metric of the values-unit is the quotient of the metric of the argument.


A division by zero results in an undefined (null) value.

applies to

Data items with Numeric or Point value-type

unit with Numeric value type


  1. domain-unit of the arguments argument must match or be void (literals or parameter can be divided by data items of any domain).
  2. Arguments must have matching:


1. attribute<float32> divAB (ADomain) := div(A, B);
2. attribute<float32> divAB (ADomain) := A / B;
A B divAB
0 1 0
1 -1 -1
-2 2 -1
3.6 1.44 2.5
999 111 9

ADomain, nr of rows = 5