string-functions replace


  • replace(source_string_dataitem, old_substring, new_substring)


replace(source_string_dataitem, old_substring, new_substring) replaces old_substring in the source_string_dataitem with new_substring.


The replace function replaces full and substrings in source_string_dataitem. The replace_value replaces only string values that fully matches.

The replace function is case sensitive.

Multiple replacements can be combined in the replace function with the symtax: replace(source_string_dataitem, old_substring1, new_substring1, old_substring2, new_substring2).

Replacements are executed according to their configuration sequence, so in the example first old_substring1 by new_substring1, then old_substring2 by new_substring2.

applies to


The domain-unit of all argument must match or be void (literals or parameter can be compared to data items of any domain unit).


attribute<string> replaceA (ADomain) := replace(A, 'Tes', 'Taar');
A replaceA
‘Test’ ‘Taart
‘test’ ‘test
‘88hallo99’ ‘88hallo99
‘Test met Text’ ‘Taart met Text
‘Text met Test’ ‘Text met Taart

ADomain, nr of rows = 5

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