metascript-functions loop


  • loop(template, number)


loop(template, number) results in a set of instantiated templates.

The number of instantiations is specified by the number argument. This number is a maximum, a stop condition could result in less instantiations.

A currvalue and nextvalue item need to be configured within the template.


Optional a stop condition can be configured. This condition need to be configured as a parameter with the name stop and an expression with a boolean condition. If the condition becomes true, the loop will not continue.

The loop function is used for dynamic modelling.


template LoopTemplate
   parameter<uint32> NrIter;
   container currValue;
   container nextValue;`
   container results
      parameter<uint16> LoopWaarde := NrIter;
   container loop := loop(LoopTemplate, 5);