ordering-functions less than or equals (<=)


  1. le(a, b)
  2. a <= b


le(a, b) or a < b results in a boolean data-item indicating if the values of data item a are less than or equal to the corresponding values of data item b.


Each comparison with missing values results in the value False.

applies to

Data items with Numeric, string or bool value-type


  1. Domain of the arguments must match or be void (literals or parameters can be compared to data items of any domain).
  2. Arguments must have matching:


1. attribute<bool> AleB (CDomain) := le(A, B);
2. attribute<bool> AleB (CDomain) := A <= B;
A B AltB
0 0 True
1 2 True
2.5 2.5 True
-100 100 True
999 -999 False
null 0 False
null null False
0 null False
null 100 False
100 null False

CDomain, nr of rows = 10

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