user-guide-geodms-gui - eventlog


The eventlog component shows messages to inform on the progress in the calculation process and warnings and error that might occur during the process. Colors are used to indicate the contents or the severity type of the message.


At the right side of the eventlog, 4 tools are available:

tool description
copy the selected eventlog messages to the clipboard.
turn eventlog filter on/off, see next paragraph
clear all eventlog messages.
scroll contents of message to bottom and keep up with the new log messages.


The eventlog filter is used to make a selection of relevant messages in the eventlog. The left side contains categories like Calculation Progress and Storage. The relevant message categories can be selected with the check boxes. The eventlog filter also functions as a legend, indicating which text colors are used for which category.

The Filter on text part of the eventlog is used to filter messages on text parts (case insensitive). The Filter button becomes active if a (new) text is typed into the textbox. With the button the filter is applied in the text box. The Clear button can be used to clear the contents of the textbox (if the box contains characters).

The Filter message contents block is used for additional filter settings, with two subblocks:

  • Clear eventlog before: This option can be set to clear the whole eventlog if a new configuration is opened (open configuration) and/or if the current configuration is reopened (reopen configuration).
  • Add to each message: This option filters the contents of each message, the data/time, the thread number and the message category can be added or removed from each message.