Detail pages

user-guide-geodms-gui - detail pages


Detail Pages present a detailed overview on the active tree-item.

generic properties

This page presents the most relevant properties of a Tree Item. The page shows:

  • The full name and if configured: label, description.

And, if the tree item is a data-item:

  • A calculation rule (expression) for a data item for which an expression is configured, and if applicable an instantiated from reference.
  • if applicable a storage for a data item read from a data source, with a ReadOnly indicator and optional a SqlString.
  • The values unit for the data item, including if applicable the element type, the metric, the range of the values, the number of elements and, if configured, the classification scheme for the values unit.
  • The value-type, including range information like the range and/or the NrElements
  • The domain unit for which the item is available, including the element type, if relevant the geographic projection and the range (nr elements) of the domain.

explore accessible namespaces

This detail page shows the name, description and storage type of the items in the NameSpace of the active Tree Item.

all/non-default properties

This detail page has a toggle state with two options:

  • All: all relevant properties for the active tree item are presented.
  • Only non-default values: all properties with a configured value (not the default value) for the active Tree Item are presented.


The detail page shows the configuration syntax of the active tree item (and if available, it’s subitems).

source description

This detail page describes, if relevant, information about all sources used to calculate a data item. If a source property is configured for a data item, this information is presented, of not the data sources names (files) is presented

This detail page has a toggle state with five options:

  • Configured: For storages for which a Source property is configured, the contents of these properties are shown. If not, the file/db names are presented.
  • ReadOnly : All file/db names are presented used to read data from (configured with StorageReadOnly = True).
  • Non ReadOnly : All file/db names are presented used to write data to.
  • All : All file/db names are presented.
  • Dataset information : (in development) Information on the external data file(s) is presented here. A selection is made of the relevant fields and the current implementation only supports data sources read with gdal.vect.

meta information reference

For more information on a tree item, an URL property can be configured that refers to a document on the local machine or on the web. A reference to this document is shown in this detail page for the item for which the URL property is configured as well as for each subitem.