A container is a structuring tree-item, not being a unit or data-item.

A container often has a role as a folder in a directory structure (although in a GeoDMS configuration also units and data items can contain subitems).

To configure a container use the keyword container, followed by it’s name (see example).

Curly brackets { and } are used to configure the subitems of a container.


Containers are also used for template instantiations.

To configure a container for a case-instantiation, use the keyword container, followed by it’s name and as expression the name of the template with between brackets the case parameters (see example 2).


1. container SourceData
2. container Yr2050 := AllocatieLandUse('yr2050');

The first example indicates that this branche of the tree is used to configure source data items, often read from external storages.

The second example is a case instantiation. The template AllocatieLandUse is here instantiated with one case parameter: a year parameter as string.