network-functions capacitated_connect


  • capacitated_connect(point_dataitem_dest, capacity_dest, point_dataitem_org, value_org)


The capacitated_connect function works in a similar way as the first variant of the connect function, only with the extra condition that the nearest point is found in which the value of the value_org argument of the origin domain-unit is less than or equal to the capacity_dest argument of the destination domain unit.

The result is a data-item for the domain unit of the point_dataitem_org with as values-unit the domain unit of the point_dataitem_org data item.


The point_dataitem_dest argument should contain unique geometries. Use the unique function to make a domain unit with unique geometries.

applies to

  • data items point_dataitem_dest and point_dataitem_org with fpoint or dpoint value-type
  • data items capacity_dest and value_org with float64 value type


  1. The value type of all arguments must match.
  2. The domain unit of arguments point_dataitem_dest and capacity_dest must match.
  3. The domain unit of arguments point_dataitem_org and value_org must match.

since version



attribute<dest> dest_rel (org) := capacitated_connect(dest/geometry, dest/capacity, org/geometry, org/temp);
org/geometry org/temp dest_rel
{401331, 115135} 60° 2
{399476, 111803} 60° 1
{399289, 114903} 60° 2
{401729, 111353} 60° 1
{398696, 111741} 60° 1

domain org, nr of rows = 5

dest/geometry dest/capacity
{401331, 115131} 40°
{399138, 112601} 90°
{398600, 114903} 60°
{401729, 112156} 40°

domain dest, nr of rows = 4